General Assambly

Museum association Obersimmental


4 pm

Beinhaus, Zweisimmen

The Obersimmental Museum of Local History is on winter break

Time to look back on a good 2022 season with the museum staff.

Last Wednesday, the staff accepted the invitation of the board and enjoyed a finely prepared meal at the Musikhaus. Brigitte and Urs! Thank you for your hospitality!

In the review by Hansjörg Mathis and Sepp Wetli we heard that we can look back on a successful special exhibition with photos from the St. Stephan. Manfred Lempen complemented the picture with St. Stephan’s legends and short stories in “St. Stephan’s dialect”. The demonstration at the loom, where Ursula Amsler and her helpers wove the famous Simmental stripe, thrilled many visitors – with and without the Lenker Guest Card or Gstaad Card.
We would like to continue the good cooperation with the two tourist destinations.

Elisabeth Grünenwald, local councillor from Zweisimmen, sent greetings and underlined the fact that the work of the many volunteers can never be paid for by society. Therefore, a big thank you to all the volontiers of the Obersimmental Museum of Local History.

Sina Fahrni, our webmaster, showed those interested how to download the form for membership of the association from the home page of the Heimatmuseum-Zweisimmen.
The staf stayed until late into the night. With a soap made from sheep’s milk and fine herbs from the manufactory of Erika Steiner from Matten, the made their way home.

Would you like to join us next year for the Staf-evening? We would be happy to have reinforcements in the museum team!


Regula Näf/ Heimatmuseum Obersimmental

The Heimatmuseum in Zweisimmen is ready for the 2022 season

Almost the whole of last Monday, faithful helpers helped to awaken the local history museum in Zweisimmen from its winter dormancy. A discreet scent of soft soap wafts through the venerable house. Crystal-clear window panes allow a wonderful view into the fresh greenery. The last cobwebs have been removed.

We are ready for the opening of the museum on Sunday May 15 at 2 p.m. for the 2022 season.

By the way, the museum can only open because we have volunteer ‘Hüeter:innen’ who open the museum doors on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

This year we have a tour for children with the Saani Geissli and a quiz.

Admission is free with the Gstaad and Lenk guest card.
On 21.5.22 we may welcome St. Stephan in the museum. A special exhibition will guide the visitors through the neighboring community. Master weavers will demonstrate on the loom how the Simmental stripe is made.

All are welcome!

The advertisement for the special exhibition will appear in the next issue of the Simmental newspaper.


Regula Näf/ Heimatmuseum Team

Opening Apéritif

Special exhibition St.Stephan


5 pm


Start of the summer season


2 pm