Obersimmentaler Heimatmuseum

On winter break!

We look forward to welcoming you again in spring!

About us

The Obersimmental Heimatmueseum has been open to the public since July 1983. The house at Kirchgasse 9 forms the only such institution in our region.
Anyone who comes to have a look at our museum can be sure of encountering something special.

Our house is not a museum like many others. Most of the objects are not hidden in showcases and glass cabinets. They are distributed throughout the building. This open presentation means that when you visit, you get the feeling that you are in an inhabited house.

Permanent exhibition

The house was built around the 15th century by the builder Salomon Martig.
The old church clock from 1856 is particularly worth seeing in the basement, where you will also find our temporary exhibitions.
The upper floor consists of a large kitchen, the Küchenstübli and two main rooms. Special highlights are the Blankenburg oven and the Blankenburg ceramics.
The upper floor consists of several rooms.
Of particular interest here are the shoemaker’s workshop and a bedroom furnished with objects from the 18th century.
In the medieval garden in front of the museum, you can discover the world of medicinal and useful plants.

Temporary exhibition

A different theme every season. In the summer of 2023, a temporary exhibition on St. Stephen’s.

With pictures of the railway and airfield construction. Pictures of the village, trade, agriculture, energy and water supply.
Special Audio of St. Stephen’s legend and short stories in St. Stephan’s dialect and Daniela and Josiane Pieren from SASTE & Co. give an insight into the craft of pewter processing.

Opening hours

18. May bis 27.October
Mittwoch, SamWednesday, Saturday & Sunday
2 to 5 pm


Adults 5Fr.
Free with Gstaadcard and Simmental Card
Children for free
Groups on request


Kirchgasse 11
3770 Zweisimmen


Tourismus Infopoint Zweisimmen
Bahnhofstrasse 18
3770 Zweisimmen

Info: +41 33 722 11 33